#SneakTip Shoes to beware of

Every so often I personally take a look around at the sites that are sent in by people wondering if the site is selling authentic or counterfeit sneakers. As I do that I’m always taken back by the lack of discernment people show as they are about to open their wallets and spend their hard earned money on sneakers. It never seems to be enough for a person to visit a website see EVERY AIR JORDAN EVER RELEASED for prices like $89 to say $129 and the site has a complete and full size run available. That’s not enough because some people seriously think they just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that no one else has heard about. Those are the obvious sites, yet people still lack the ability to trust their gut when they know the kick they want sold out in minutes for $190 yet this sites has them in about 45 colorways for $89. What about the not so obvious sites?

It’s 2015 and fake kicks are no longer super easy to distinguish from authentic kicks. It use to be real easy, you see Air Jordan 13’s with Nike Air Max 360 air unit replacing the Air Jordan midsole you’re like okay those are fake. The ever increasing problem is the counterfeit kicks look incredibly similar to the authentic pairs. So where does that leave us as a collective sneaker community? Among a few answers the one I pose to you today is knowing what has released and what has not released. That alone will help you out when you’re on the hunt and you come across a site with the high quality counterfeit kicks. Here are some of the usual suspects, when you see these kicks available you should stop and ask yourself is this website selling legit kicks? The shoes listed below were NOT released to the public, no matter how much that website you’re visiting swears up and down they are legit ask yourself why would this site have them in a multiple sizes and the top reseller sites (Flight Clubs, InStyleShoes, Sole Supremacy’s of the world) not even have 1 pair in stock, ever?

Common kicks to watch out for

Common kicks found in full size runs on fake websites.

You may say well Usher has those Gold XI’s, Carmelo Anthony has those Red XI’s and Ray Allen has those White/Red/Gold XI’s and we’ll say that’s true. However those are pretty much the only people that have them, there may be an extra pair or two of those produced but the point here is no site has a full size run available. If you see them proceed with caution, that alone will help discern


My earliest memory of sneakers had to be when I was around 5 years old in the early 80's, seeing B-Boys break dancing on cardboard boxes with fresh Adidas, Pumas and on occasion Filas. From there the introduction of the Air Jordan just captivated me and I've been into kicks ever since.

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