Sneaker Essentials: Stay Scheming Co.

Many sneaker enthusiasts are happy just rocking their kicks right out of the box, I myself am this way. But every now and then I want to switch things up a bit and im sure many of you do too. As a result many brands have emerged that create custom accessories for kicks. Everything from custom socks and laces to hangtags are available now to help express your personality and give your kicks a fresh look.

One brand that you should add to your sneaker essential rolodex is Stay Scheming Co. Stay Scheming specializes in lace accessories and what is really impressive about them are the styles of lace-locks they have available for J’s, Nikes, Nike SB, and more. Priced at a reasonable $13/pair (plus $2 for shipping), Stay Scheming lace-locks are dope, unique, and affordable. I grabbed a couple myself and you can check out my video on them below. And if you really want your own personal touch, you can place custom orders as well, something I will definitely be doing in the near future. Be sure to check them out, order a pair here, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @Stayschemingco.

The Smart Sneakerhead

The Smart Sneakerhead, a Buffalo NY native, is an avid sneaker enthusiast and Youtube personality, who has been entrenched in the world of sneakers for almost 20 years. His passion is embedded within the sneaker culture and lifestyle. In his spare time he enjoys photography, motorcycles, sports, and of course--collecting kicks!

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