Sneaker Customizing…Legit or Fake?


With the recent purchase of my first custom sneaker, I thought about the increased popularity of the world of sneaker customization. Well known veterans like Mache, JBF, Kickasso and Dank Customs have helped to cultivate what was once a niche-almost taboo sneaker culture into a booming industry.

Sneaker enthusiasts, athletes and celebrities alike have helped to bring sneaker customizing to the forefront by requesting customs on everything from Jordans to Timberlands to Yeezy’s. Some question whether or not the sneaker game has been helped or hurt by sneaker customs; even going as far as to say custom sneakers are fake. Others view it as a artistic way to display individuality and uniqueness within a community where Nikes and Jordans reign supreme. Check out my first custom sneaker pickup video below, (a 1-of-5 pair designed by well respected customizer: @WallyChamp15) and let us know your thoughts on sneaker customizing below.

The Smart Sneakerhead

The Smart Sneakerhead, a Buffalo NY native, is an avid sneaker enthusiast and Youtube personality, who has been entrenched in the world of sneakers for almost 20 years. His passion is embedded within the sneaker culture and lifestyle. In his spare time he enjoys photography, motorcycles, sports, and of course--collecting kicks!

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