My Biggest Sneaker Regret!

I recently did some sneaker shopping online and ran across a pair of kicks that I once had in my collection. Instantly I felt a huge feeling of regret for a couple reasons: this sneaker is now worth almost 3-4 times the amount I originally paid for them, they are hard to find in DS condition, and they regretfully became one of my beater pairs.

Before I tell you which sneaker I’m referring to, I want to give a little back-story. In 2006 I loved the sneaker game as much as I do now, but it was still relatively easy to order online or walk into a store and cop a pair of J’s, Nike’s etc. I also quit collecting sneakers a few years prior during college because of financial reasons and because my focus was on graduating, not kicks. It wasn’t until the last 2-3 years or so that I really started collecting sneakers again despite the insane prices, the difficulty of copping kicks, limited availability, bots, etc.

Fast forward to April 2006; after much searching I found a pair that caught my eye and I bought them right away. I wore them regularly, yet I tried my best to keep them fresh. I used them for running errands, going to the gym, and even for riding my motorcycle. Quickly these kicks became my beaters, and I did not think for one second they would be hard to replace or so expensive down the line. But I always wear my kicks so it’s easy for me to move on to the next shoe… or so I thought.

IMG_5795__33812_1429271995_1280_1280With that said, it’s finally time to share this special sneaker of mine. One of my biggest sneaker regrets is no longer owning the Air Jordan 7 “Chambray.” Originally released February 20th 2006, the Chambray 7’s retailed for $120, which is what I paid for them (via “buy it now”) on Ebay and the kicks came with the original box and receipt from Finish Line. Think about that for a second, I was able to get a pair of new J’s for retail almost two months after the original release date… how I miss those days! I loved the all-black suede upper with the light hits of grey and Chambray blue; it was one of the cleanest J’s I ever owned. The current price for the Chambray 7’s range anywhere between $350-$400 for a DS pair. Check them out in the pic below courtesy of and let us know which sneaker(s) you regret beating up, selling, or passing up on in the comments section.


The Smart Sneakerhead

The Smart Sneakerhead, a Buffalo NY native, is an avid sneaker enthusiast and Youtube personality, who has been entrenched in the world of sneakers for almost 20 years. His passion is embedded within the sneaker culture and lifestyle. In his spare time he enjoys photography, motorcycles, sports, and of course--collecting kicks!

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