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Penny Auction Website for Rare Sneakers – OCK is a website created to give sneakerheads all over the world a chance to get their favorite shoes for the lowest price possible! We have gone to great effort to get you the best sneakers on the market so that we can give every sneaker enthusiast a chance to get their favorite pair of sneakers at the best possible price. We’re sneakerheads just like you.

Established: 2012
Selection: Nike, Air Jordan & more
Carries: Adult & Youth Sizes
Location: United States
Quality: 100% authentic true to manufacturer specs.
Prices: Penny Auction Site.

SSB PROMO CODE: SNEAKERSHOEBOX (and it must be in all caps) and it is good for 12 free bids with a purchase

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  • Andrew says:

    While I might not have bid from the time the site first went up, I followed the site from the very beginning. It was a very interesting concept to me. After watching for a while and really understanding how to bid and whatnot, I decided to get in on the action. While I have only won one pair of sneakers so far, I have bid A LOT on OneCentKicks. I spoke to the owner a while back about something, and I noticed how professional he was on a business level, and how nice of a guy he was on a personal level.

    All that aside, anyone questioning the idea of this site or its legitimacy doesn’t have to worry. OneCentKicks puts their consumers first. That means making sure they get as many releases as possible, as many sizes as possible, shipping sneakers out quickly, making great connections with the customers, and ALWAYS keeping things legit. If you go on the OCK Facebook page, almost every comment has been replied to. Mind you, on a page with 70,000+ likes, that’s pretty impressive. Tons of people comment on each post, and the owner makes sure to connect with each and every one of them. Like Jordan said, I’m more than willing to answer questions about personal experiences with the site, tweet me @duuuuuca (5 u’s) with any questions you might have. And #DONTSLEEP on OneCentKicks. More people are finding out about the site every day, get in on the action while you can!

  • Byron says:

    Once you win your first pair that’s all it will take and you’ll be hooked! Communication is great, and shoes are authentic no worries there…

  • jordanmaz says:

    I have been using OneCentKicks for the past year, starting right after the site got up and running. This site should serve as a model for how a penny auction website should be run, and for how a site treats their customers. I have won a few auctions and the shoes always arrive quickly and boxed so good there is never an issue regarding damaged goods. Any time an issue has ever arrived, and trust me it’s very infrequent, it is handled promptly, professionally, and in a way that keeps the best interest of the customer first. Through Twitter conversation, I have gotten to know the owner very well, and I can say without the shadow of a doubt that he is a very trust-worthy person who goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers.
    My area does not always get the best releases, and I can’t bring myself to pay resellers, so I always miss out on releases. I don’t have to anymore though, because I know through OneCentKicks, they’ll have the releases, and more often than not they can be had for well below reseller prices, and usually below even retail prices.

    If anyone who is curious about this site, who is wondering whether “the site is real” or if “the sneakers are legit”, it definitely is, and they defnitely are. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @jordanmaz9485 and I will personally vouch for this site and answer any questions you might have that I can answer from my perspective as a frequent bidder and customer.

    “In Kicks We Trust”

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We will no longer be responding the legit checks if the websites sell sneakers like Air Jordans for $118, if the site has Yeezy's for $200. If the website has fake shoes throughout the site and a section called Authentic Air Jordans we will not be responding. If the site has a wholesale section for sneakers that you know national retailers can not keep in stock we will not be responding to your post. We consider all of those sites fake.