Can SSB find a sneaker for me?
No, we are sorry but we do not have the resources to do sneaker searches for people. We provide as much information and links to reputable sites to help individuals in their search.

Can I send in a legit check from SSB?
Sorry, at this time we do not have the resources to do legit checks for users.

How can I get my website listed on the SSB Legit List?
If you are the owner of the site please use our contact form to reach us so we can begin the process of adding you to the SSB Legit List where we have sent over 1 million clicks throughs to sites listed.

There is a site on the Legit List that should be removed.
In order for SSB to remove a site from the Legit List you have to follow these steps:

  1. Contact the seller and inform them of your complaint. Allow them the opportunity to correct any mistake made on their part. (Note: If you do not contact them please do not contact us.)
  2. Provide SSB with PROOF that the sneakers you purchased were in fact fakes: receipt, pictures and emails between you and the seller.
  3. SSB will then contact the seller and inform them of your complaint, if the shoes are fakes and the seller takes no responsibility they will be removed from the list.

Please understand the difference between Real/B Grade/Fake sneakers, just because your shoes have a small imperfection does not mean your shoes are fake or B Grade. B Grades are actually authentic and should not be confused with fake sneakers.

I ordered a pair of shoes from a site on the Legit List and they haven’t arrived yet?
SSB has no control or takes no responsibility for any purchases from the Legit List. While we do work hard to maintain good working relationships between sellers and SSB we have no access to your order information. You should always contact the site first before you contact SSB.

How can I get a Nike account to sell shoes myself?
Please visit Nike’s website and contact them about selling their products.

Do you know where I can get wholesale Nike and Air Jordans?
No, if you want the best price and guaranteed authentic products please contact the manufacturer to establish an account.

I’m interested in advertising on SneakerShoeBox.com, how do I get started?

Please contact SSB directly with any advertising inquiries. We have many advertising opportunities available:

  • Banner Ads (horizontal, vertical and box)
  • Site wide options or page specific options
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly options
  • Social media & product placement options
  • Much more…