A Love Story #dreamBIG

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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. It’s a quote we’ve all heard countless times…and to be completely honest with you, it was something that I believed to be complete bs until just under three years ago. I never imagined I’d find something in life that I would enjoy doing for a living even if money were not involved. Yet here I am, and here you are on my website, reading my story, checking out my creative work. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly thankful I am for this opportunity and for you being there wherever you are reading this right now. 

This was so far beyond the realm of what I even thought would be possible for me to do someday. Thank you for dreaming along with me. I value and appreciate you so very much. When I claim Richard Anthony Clothing Company to be the “Brand of the Dreamers” this isn’t just some silly marketing pitch or tagline. I do truly believe with every fiber of my body this to be the case. For starters you see, I have had zero formal design training, didn’t go to any prestigious fashion school, and haven’t interned with any fashion houses in Milan. I literally am a guy who one day decided to follow this what seemed like at the time, dream and passion of mine. Whatever it is that you’re doing right now for a living let me let you in on a secret… YOU CAN DO IT AS WELL! Even if you never buy a single stitch of clothing from me or my website, the one thing I want you to leave this webpage with is inspiration and motivation. What are you waiting for? Do your thing!!

Now I’ll be the first person to tell you that it’s not easy. Building a brand and creating something from scratch is literally the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do in my life. There have been times where I’ve questioned myself, questioned my methods, even questioned my talent. The one thing that I have never questioned however, is my desire and passion. I’ve read so many self help books, start-up success stories, case studies, and entrepreneur memoirs that I feel like I almost know my mentors Bobby and Ben Hundreds, and Johnny Earle better than they know themselves. That said, the most valuable lesson they have taught me through watching how they manager their respective brands, is that there is no more valuable gift you have than who you are. You are the story! How are you going to tell it?

So, I leave you with this one question. Please ask yourself, what is your love story?


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My earliest memory of sneakers had to be when I was around 5 years old in the early 80's, seeing B-Boys break dancing on cardboard boxes with fresh Adidas, Pumas and on occasion Filas. From there the introduction of the Air Jordan just captivated me and I've been into kicks ever since.

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